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Karpaha Sands offers you nature, authenticity and luxury accommodation.

With spacious tented suites situated directly on the beach or nestled in their own private gardens, the resort aims to provide low-density living with a light footprint in a lush tropical setting.

This is reflected in our generous indoor and outdoor space and extensive use of natural materials – wood, stone, fabric – that blend with the environment. Karpaha Sands brings you intimacy, seclusion and proximity to nature with all the comforts of a luxury resort.

All our suites offer bed and living areas, private indoor bathrooms with bathtub, outdoor showers and private decks with loungers, as well as generous outdoor space. We use the highest standard fabric for our tents and all our accommodation is air-conditioned and fan-cooled.

We offer three types of accommodation, each with their own identity, named in Sinhalese, Tamil and English, the three official languages of Sri Lanka, that pay tribute to the beautiful Palmyra trees that give our resort its name:

  • Palam Suites

    Meaning ‘fruit’ in Tamil, our oceanfront Palam Suites have direct sea frontage. Set in the shade of Karpaha’s old coconut plantation, you will enjoy soothing views of the sea from your private terrace, while watching fishermen languorously haul in their nets. With an overall footprint of 110m2 (60m2 indoor plus 50m2 of private terrace and outdoor shower) and a king-sized bed, this is the perfect suite for couples in search of the rejuvenating calmness of the sea

  • Kolaya Suites

    Kolaya Suites, taking their name after the Sinhalese word for ‘leaf’, are set in their own lush private gardens, with Palmyra trees, pandanus and other indigenous plant species typical of the east coast. With an overall footprint of 90m2 (50m2 indoor and 40m2 of private terrace and outdoor shower), a c. 800m2 private garden, and a king-size bed, this is the perfect suite for a couple in search of intimacy in seclusion

  • Seed Suites

    Seed Suites, also set in their own private garden that provides plenty of space for children to play around or for friends to sip a sundowner together, offers two full suites designed with families and friendship in mind. These suites have an overall footprint of 180m2 (100m2 indoor and 80m2 of terrace and outdoor showers), comprising of two bedrooms, two indoor bathtubs, two outdoor showers, a large living room, a private terrace and a c. 1000m2 private garden. Designed for a family of four or two couples, various configurations are available to best suit your needs and are ideal for large groups

Areas/square footage above are approximate and may vary from one suite to another. One of our Palam Suites has been designed to accommodate travelers with reduced mobility and wheelchairs. Daily housekeeping is included.